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Game Review: ‘World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’ Review

That was my inquiry as I delved into World of Warcraft's new development, Battle for Azeroth. As an Alliance player, the development's first hour offered me the shocking story of Jaina Proudmoore, a standout amongst Warcraft's most notable characters. Having deceived her dad for the sake of harmony amid the occasions of Warcraft III, the new extension sees Jaina head home to Kul'Tiras in a urgent endeavor to reunify her kin with the Alliance – and face her past. It's the begin to what could be an immersing story, yet one that rather unwinds into a wreck of tangled strings that mirror the bigger issues looked by Battle for Azeroth. A large number of the diversion's individual parts are extraordinary, yet they don't weave perfectly together, and now and again the amusement appears to overlook critical plot beats and highlights only hours after they're presented.